• HUENHUGHOD The resort
    HUENHUGHOD The resort

    Tel : 085-0307356, 081-6029448

  • Lanna style
    Lanna style
  • Relax with King bed
    Relax with King bed
  • Feeling fresh
    Feeling fresh
  • Near by National park
    Near by National park

Welcome to real hot love
Real hot hug the Lanna style resort atmosphere Fresh, close to the mountains. Located on Highway 108 Hot path-away from Mae Sariang district and only to arrive at fresh market. 2 Km.

"Get the Good Memories with HuenHugHod The Resort"




The task of the trader Group meeting materials

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The first real hug to reach the resort did cater for event, I. Thanks to the construction materials trade Chiang Mai-lamphun shop hot products and hot Cafe piya food level chef at a resort in this fun, festive food is very common. READ MORE